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Dov Lynch Guest Speaker at PCA Graduation 2020

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Dov Lynch, a Senior Officer in the Office of the Director-General at UNESCO, is our guest speaker at graduation this year.

At his position Dov Lynch, among others, is responsible for UNESCO’s education for global citizenship initiative declaring,

“We need education for a new era. In today’s interconnected and globalized society, it is essential to learn to live together peacefully, and the role of education in this regard is more essential than ever.”

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Watch Dov Lynch's speech to the PCA graduating class of 2020

Dov Lynch has worked for the EU, the OSCE and now for the UN. He graduated from Yale (BA) and Oxford (DPhil) and taught at Oxford, Kings College London and Sciences Po’.

He has written books in English on Russian military strategy and worked on conflicts in Europe’s East. Under a pseudonym, he has written essays in French on travelling through separatist states. Under his own name, he has written two novels in French, Mer Noire (Editions Anacharsis, 2015) and Hauts-Fonds (Seuil, 2018), with a third, Leawald, to be published next year.