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PCA Faculty Filipa Cruz Participates in #16.ART


The International Meeting #ART seeks to enter into an eco-social, politicized and culturally challenging environment on shifting ground, such as today’s globalized art that lives with hybrid, migration, misery and excess.

The International Meeting “#16ART: Artis intelligentia:IMAGINING THE REAL”, will seek to analyse concepts, such as: Territory and Culture; Materiality and Immateriality; Thought and Action.

Filipa Cruz will present her article: “The intersection of new media, drawing and obsolete devices through Rosa Barba’s and Julião Sarmento’s artistic production”, which seeks to analyse the polysemy built by manipulation, juxtaposition, relocation, or reconfiguration of imagery in different media. With the transfer of meaning and contextual conditions through mediums, a dialog is established between new technologies, others with longer tradition and the different contexts of reception.

How can an artistic research focused on drawing and painting (Julião Sarmento), sculpture or outdated devices (Rosa Barba) build a bridge towards the technological development or new media? In which way does it interfere, change, reconfigure, rethink artistic production by exploring different technologies, meanings, and potentialities?

A study of the ramifications of new media in the artistic production and the technological, aesthetical, socio-political, economic, cultural transformations is proposed through Sarmento’s drawings and 3D printed sculptures and Barba’s reflexion regarding obsolete medium. Problematizing both artists’ production from the outdated or mediums (drawing or painting) with a privileged stratum in art history to new media requests exploring the concept of progress, new questions, and hypothesis (William J. Mitchell).

The article proposes to question the way Sarmento’s 3D printings or Barba’s production disrupt, prolong, or instigate dialog with Art History, digital and handcraft processes, new coming technologies, and cultural artistic tradition. Building their imagery with graphite forms, archaic and new materials and/or devices, or through 3D printed sculptures, it’s also fomented to explore the disappearance and the unfinished that occurs in a never pure support.

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Filipa Cruz.