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HER STYLE with Emma Møller

Image by Emma Moller and Self Portrait

Senior at PCA, Emma Møller (image right) is earning her BFA in Photography ’22 & we asked her what excites her most about her photography since she started studying at PCA four years ago. She told us,

“I do not think it is the photography in itself but the approach & concepts. In being true to my own style & opinions, my approach has definitely been reenforced over the years.”

This rings true with us when we reflect on both the image (left) shared here & PCA’s aim to foster growth & development for serious artists & designers, no matter where they are in their journey. More from Møller…

Where do you call home?

“Home is both Geneva (Switzerland) and Paris I guess. Geneva, as I grew up there but also eventually Paris, as it is where I am settled now.”

What are you hoping to learn in your program?

“The right answer might be hoping to learn techniques and skills, which is true and automatically comes along with the process and time but I think now coming towards the end, I am hoping to learn more clearly what I want and not want to do with my life on a professional level.”

About life after PCA, Møller said, “Right now, I think my dream job, seems to be very idealized and romanticized in my mind but being an Art Director, to work with a team to plan, execute, and design.” and we can’t wait to see her dream job become a reality.

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