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Design Talk with guest speaker Ana Zatezalo.

PCA Design Talks with Ana Zatezalo

Ana Zatezalo is a trained architect, with two Master of Science degrees, from Columbia University, 2002 and from HEC Paris, 2012. 

 From the beginning of her career in New York, Ana focuses on brownfields and industrial heritage projects, such as the Highline and Ground Zero Memorial in Manhattan. In 2006, she sets up her first architectural firm Sinestezia, that goes on to completing numerous projects in the region, including the Masterplan of the Port of Belgrade that Ana manages for 6 years, until 2012. The following decade Ana lives in Berlin, on various projects throughout Germany with her second studio Ingenious that she co-founds with Irene Vogt.


Ana’s focus in Germany shifts towards teaching at Technical Universities: TU Braunschweig, TU Berlin, collaborates with TU Milano, Italy and Architecture Association in London. She leads a seminar called “HortiTecture“, exploring nature-oriented cities in harmony with natural elements. She teaches on urban cohabitation cultures, self-organizations, and inclusive and sustainable housing forms. In 2017 Ana initiates the Animalesque Lab, co-directing a Visiting School Berlin part of the AA School of Architecture. Their concepts and designs prioritize the creation of biologically diverse environments and coexistence. The mission of Animalesque is to deconstruct the obvious and offer a different perspective on habitats. 


Very recently, Ana’s efforts have shifted towards bridging Berlin and Paris, establishing connections between these motor territories for Europe. All projects aim to revitalize, rewild and regenerate. 


Her lecture Multi-Species Designs focuses on the change of perspective within her Animalesque Lab.

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