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Fall 2016 Photography Lunch Talks

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The PCA Photo Department hosts Lunch Talks once a month. They are designed to foster knowledge, sharing and casual conversation with photographers, curators and artists. Lunch Talks are open to all!


Susan Bright
September 28th, 2016 l 13:00-14:00
Susan Bright is a curator and writer. Her published books include Art Photography Now (2005), Face of Fashion(2007), How We Are: Photographing Britain (2007, co-authored with Val Williams) Auto Focus (2010) and Home Truths: Photography and Motherhood (2013). The exhibition How We Are: Photographing Britain was the first major exhibition of British photography at Tate. The exhibition of Home Truths (Photographers’ Gallery and the Foundling Museum and traveling to MoCP, Chicago and Belfast Exposed ) was named one of the top exhibitions of 2013/2014 by The Guardian and The Chicago Tribune. Bright was visiting scholar at the Art Institute Boston in 2014. She currently lives in Paris and is completing her PhD in Curatorial Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London.


Tara Bogart — “A Modern Hair Study”
October 26th, 2016 l 13:00-14:00
Hair Study
Tara Bogart was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is currently living and working in Paris, France. Bogart has exhibited work at Hous Projects, New York, Aperture, New York, Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago, Center of the Arts at Virginia Tech, VA, The Portrait Society Gallery, Milwaukee, The Newspace Photo Center, Portland, OR, Rayko Photo Center, CA, INOVA (Institute of Visual Arts), Milwaukee, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, WI, Dean Jensen Gallery, Milwaukee, and The Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI. She has been reviewed by the New Yorker and featured in Lenscratch, CNN Worldwide Photos, Zoom Magazine, The British Journal of Photography and The New Republic, American Photography 29, Wonderzine, Russia, I-D Vice and Refinery29. Tara Bogart is in the private and public collections of The National Library of France, Paris and the J Crew Corporate Collection to name a few. Tara is represented by Elizabeth Houston Gallery, NYC.

Tara will speak about her work and specifically the trajectory of “A Modern Hair Study”. She will share the journey from being a young photographer, in a family of artists, to today. Her work looks mainly at questions of identity, culture and ideas of beauty. Her lens gazes predominantly on women but is interested in how our histories predetermine our lifestyles and beliefs.


Ryan Boatright — Photographs ‘sur mesure’
November 30th, 2016 l 13:00-14:00

Atelier Boba is dedicated to both the production of fine art digital prints and the conservation of photographs. As an artist and printmaker, Ryan Boatright provides research assistance, exhibition printing services, and digital retouching to contemporary artists and photographers who demand the highest quality output. The studio also facilitates various contemporary mounting and framing solutions with its partners at CAP 18.

The studio often works directly with artists and photographers in various capacities to help them realize their intentions, ideas, and concepts in the physical form. Over time, the studio has invested in an array of print technologies, such as a large format pigment inkjet printer, a Piezography machine, various line plotters, and a RISOprinter. These machines are sometimes used in experimental ways by combining multiple print technologies to produce one print, or by printing on non-standard substrates. The collaborative spirit at the studio, its willingness to experiment, and its concentration on preservation and conservation is what sets it apart from other larger print studios and photo labs in Paris.

This talk will address what it means to be a printer/printmaker in 2016, and will explore many types of print projects and collaborations that have taken place at Atelier Boba since its opening, 6 years ago. It will address how mainstream print technologies are being used for the production of photographs and will depict how unique and new aesthetics can be achieved via a willingness to experiment with process.

www.atelierboba.com / www.ryanboatright.com

All the conferences will be held at PCA Campus, Room 501. 15, Rue Fénelon, Paris.

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