Interview with PCA Foundation student, Heather Edwards '25

Heather Edwards
Heather Edwards

Heather Edwards ’25 FINDS A CREATIVE HOME

Heather Edwards ’25 calls Huntington Beach, California “home” but, after interviewing Edwards & learning how she feels about studying in the Foundation program here at PCA, we think Paris might take over the honor. Edwards told us, “Being surrounded by like-minded creatives in a small community is something that’s so specific to PCA, and I couldn’t appreciate it more.”

Edwards tell us a lot more…

What inspired you to study at PCA?

“Paris was my favorite place I had been to with my family when traveling around the world as a child. I thought going to school somewhere outside of the United States would give me a much broader view on the world, especially because the US is very particular in terms of their process of education. I originally was going to study here with a friend, but when she pulled out last minute, I decided I couldn’t let the opportunity go!”

What are you hoping to learn in your program?

“I would say I’m hopeful to learn everything there is to learn, if that makes sense. Anything from the technical aspects to the imaginative ones. Not only that, but learning about how one can make their trade into a career and be successful in a professional situation.”

What excites you most about your Foundation program at PCA?

“I think the best thing about it is the people and the multitude of classes I take. The people I’ve met have really blown me away solely because of the fact that we’re all so internationally diverse! It seems like everyone has such different stories to tell, which is great. The multitude of classes is great because I’ve learned about things I never thought would actually interest me. While after taking certain classes, I realize that some areas of art still don’t interest me, I’ve also had so many new worlds and opportunities come about just because I gave a certain class a real chance!”

What’s your area of focus moving forward at PCA?

Right now, I’m between photography and interior design. I came specifically to PCA because they were one of the only english-speaking schools in Paris that offered interior design as a major. Although, since coming here, my heart has fallen completely in love with photography and all its facets. It’s a tough decision!

What are you most excited about living/studying in Paris?

Not to come back to the people… but the people here really are amazing. Being surrounded by like-minded creatives in a small community is something that’s so specific to PCA, and I couldn’t appreciate it more. Also, the fact that I live in Europe never ceases to amaze me. You can take the train to most surrounding countries for a great price, so it’s so easy to travel and see the world. That’s definitely an amazing characteristic about Paris. Other than that, I’ve found that the Parisian lifestyle is one that I really appreciate (as an American). Great pastries, great architecture, great night life, great communities!