fbpx Paris College of Art Senior Fashion Designers Publish on 17.23 Magazine — PCA

PCA Senior Fashion Design students featured in 17.23 Magazine!

Photoshoot Day
Creative Director @salma_adelxx Design @kellyhsiehdesigns Model @electra.winter Makeup @celinemuartist Stylist & Hair/ Assistant @tarikakinneydesign

In the highly anticipated November issue of 17.23 Magazine, we proudly present the collaborative brilliance of Senior Fashion Designer Kelly Hsieh, in partnership with Creative Director @salma_adelxx. This dynamic duo orchestrates an exquisite fusion of art and fashion, showcased through Hsieh’s visionary designs.

With the striking presence of Model @electra.winter, the visual narrative unfolds, capturing the essence of Hsieh’s creative journey. Makeup artist @celinemuartist adds a transformative touch, while Stylist & Hair/Assistant @tarikakinneydesign contribute to the seamless realization of the editorial vision.

Print copies of this exclusive feature are available for purchase on the 17.23 website, allowing enthusiasts to own a tangible piece of this collaborative masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the pages of innovation, style, and artistic expression, as we invite you to witness the extraordinary synthesis of talents that define this groundbreaking feature.