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Paris-Pas-Cher: Rainy Day Activities

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Malheureusement the “April” showers seem to have finally hit Paris. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (pun intended) with this segment of Paris-Pas-Cher.

Apart from all the art exhibitions and museums you can visit this summer, there are plenty of other activities Paris has to offer (apart from being stuck in a Netflix abyss which, we all love but let’s face it, we’ve got to get out of our Uniqlo sweat pants.)

We’ve asked the PCA community what they like to do when it’s too soggy to have a rosé picnic in the park.

Pampering and Comfort Food in the 19th
Hammam and Pizza


Located in the 19th, the Hammam Medina Center has one of the best offers in Paris: 1.5 hours of hammam, Swedish sauna, scrub with black soap (by strong, fierce women), dip in the pool, pâtisserie, and mint tea for 44.

We guarantee you’ll come out like a new born feeling destressed with the smoothest skin ever.

What better way to quench your thirst and hunger (after all that hard work) than to walk over to Paname Brewing Company for some wood fired pizzas, and artisanal beers on tap with a view of the canal Saint Martin.



Hammam Medina Center
43 – 45 Rue Petit
Paname Brewing Company (PBC)
41 bis Quai de la Loire

Wellbeing in the Marais
Exercise and Vegan Bowls (or a burger at Hank if you’re feeling cheeky)




If you’re feeling fidgety, try Le Centre Élément for yoga, or Cluster for a guaranteed heart pumping HIIT workout. Their regular classes are on the pricier side, but this is Paris-Pas-Cher so we are taking advantage of their more budget friendly trial sessions!

Le Centre Élément offers theirs for 10: a 1 hour session starting at the oxygen bar to get all the blood flowing!

Cluster offers 1 trial session for FREE if you sign up on their website. Their concept: 45 minute long high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions! They even offer towel service and toiletries in their shower rooms.

Now you can feel oh so smug and continue the wellbeingness at Bob’s Kitchen. They do hearty and well flavored vegan and gluten free bowls, as well as all the green smoothies your Instagram feed can handle.

Feeling “nah, need something heftier”? Grab a vegan burger or pizza (gluten free options available) at Hank Burger or Hank Pizza. Trust us on the vegan mayo!

Le Centre Élément
7 Rue des Guillemites
103 rue du Temple
Bob’s Kitchen
74 Rue des Gravilliers


Hank Burger
55 Rue des Archives
Hank Pizza
18 Rue des Gravilliers

Catch a Film at Louxor Theatre and a Mani-Pedi in the 10th




At 6 for a morning screening (don’t forget your student ID!), what better place to catch a French film than at the gorgeous Louxor Theatre.

Then, head down to rue du Château d’Eau, and hit up any of the numerous beauty salons for a walk-in mani-pedi. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Although the façade can seem a little run down and unkempt, prices are much cheaper (ranging from 20-25 for gel nails) than at a bobo boutique downtown (40+) – and these ladies know what they’re doing. A great place to contemplate that existential-nouveau-noir film you just watched.

Louxor Theatre
170, boulevard Magenta

Indoor Bouldering in the 20th

©Arkose Nation


With 1000m2 to clamber around, Arkose welcomes neo-urbaners to discover their “inside outside” arena. If it’s your first time bouldering, you can sign up for a class with their professionals for 13€ per session. You can even rent climbing shoes and crash mats!

For those who’ve done it before, a single entry pass can be purchased for 8 or, 65 for 10 entries during their ‘Happy Hours’ running from 8am-4pm, then 9pm-midnight during the weekdays, and 6:30pm onwards on weekends and public holidays. Don’t forget your PCA ID though for the student price!

Check out their restaurant after a hard climb for nutritious snacks and lunch deals! They offer dishes like vegan falafel wraps, buddha bowls, and patatas bravas.

©Arkose Nation


Or walk over to Les Pères Populaires for their unbeatable 13€ starter/main or main/dessert lunch menus! Dishes are exciting and fresh ranging from things like pulled pork with quinoa and roasted courgette and endives, terriyaki hake with farfalle and asian pickles, braised lamb with cauliflower salad and mashed potatos. Bonus: the staff won’t hassle you if you want to stay all afternoon to catch up on thesis writing!



Arkose Nation
35 rue des Grands-Champs
Les Pères Poulaires
46 Rue de Buzenval

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