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PCA Faculty Karine Bouvatier's Book "Les Diaconesses de Reuilly, à Livre Ouvert" Just Published


An open door into the life of the Deaconesses of Reuilly (Paris):
Protestant nuns? This might sound like an oxymoron in the protestant world, were pastors are encouraged to have a family and an active social life. This year, for the 500th anniversary of the Reform and the 175th anniversary of its Foundation, the convent is opening its door to the public, and welcomes Photographer and PCA Faculty Karine S. Bouvatier and her colleague Frédérick Casadesus, journalist, for a peak inside the women’s personal stories.

A combination of texts and photographs describing the community and capturing intimate moments of the nuns’ lives, the book tries to understand how, in the 21st century, some women decide to fervently commit to a pious life.

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