fbpx Photography Students Ofir Avita and Megija Plata in a Double Solo Exhibition at the Window Gallery — PCA

Double Solo Exhibition at the Window Gallery

Motherhood by Megija Plata
'Motherhood' by Megija Plata

Junior photography student Ofir Avita and sophomore student Megija Plata in a double solo exhibition at the PCA Window Gallery. While Plata in her series ‘Motherhood’ records the beautiful but complicated moments of mothers with their babies, Avita, in his series ‘Saint Brick 75’ presents the life of adolescent boys in a closed educational center; coming from a life that was often without parental guidance, they try to rebuild their lives and identities with the educators.

Window Gallery

March 6 to 28, 2023
8 rue de Rocroy | 75010 Paris | M° Poissonnière