fbpx Storyteller. A Show by MA and MFA Students in Photography — PCA

Storyteller. A Photography Show

©Irene Reece

Photography Show by MFA Photography & Image-making and MA Fashion Film and Photography students, PCA
Supported by Exposed

Stories are more than words. They can live in the click of a shutter, captured in a moment of time. They are visual – our minds flash to objects from our past, family memories, conversations exchanged through glances, and landscapes of our childhoods. In “Storyteller”, Paris College of Art’s MFA Photography and Image-making and MA Fashion Film and Photography students present their own visual narratives. The collective of 13 artists hails from 11 different countries, offering a diverse array of upbringings and stories that, together, find both commonality and contrast. The exhibition is a visual discussion of form, memory, ego, family, happiness and melancholy – and the way these themes push and pull one another to create a story.

Artists presenting:
Alexandra Hehlen: United States/ Switzerland
Alexandra Mavros: Greece/ Canada/ United Kingdom
Amanda Macchia: Canada/ Italy
Anna Iermolaieva: Ukraine
Carole El Dana: Lebanon
Irene Antonia Diane Reece: United States
Kendall Roth: United States
Layza Mendes: Brazil
Louis Nderi: Kenya
Lucas Pandolfo: Brazil
Maya Arsenovic: Israel
Prakrit Rai: India
Tara Bogart: United States