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Ruhi Amin, Fine Arts Class of '17, Featured in the PCA Rocroy Window Gallery


The work of Ruhi Amin, Fine Arts, Class of ’17 is currently on exhibit in the PCA Rocroy Window Gallery.

When we look at a cup, that is to say if we even really look at a cup, how do we understand it? It is so simple to overlook a banal object such as this as we as a civilization have adapted to not really ‘look’, but rather to accept. Each day we pass millions of shapes, forms, structures, and objects, the list is never ending, yet we never stop to question their existence and how and why they are part of our society. In my artwork, I delve into the universe of art and the art of the universe, and how these two worlds are not separate entities, rather one large field.

I think of my installations as a laboratory of unfinished fluid thoughts. Whether it be sculptures, drawings, paintings, videos or diary entries, my work revolves around this appreciation of objects or concepts that go unnoticed. My works are sites in which forms are dissected, perception is broken down and where viewers are forced to question the layers of their knowledge of our surrounding world. Sometimes I find it too difficult to explain my thoughts in an artwork, thus it may come across as an organized chaos, an ordered randomness, or just a simple pure mess, yet one that I think is rather beautiful. Rather than just accepting the mundane and how things are meant to obey the laws of man, I prefer to be in conflict with normalcy and to overwhelm the mind with a cacophony of data, a pandemonium of parallel explanations and to delve into the multiple layers of our consciousness of the world. After all, is it teeming with everything.

Ruhi Amin
December 2, 2015 – January 30, 2016
PCA Rocroy Window Gallery
8, rue Rocroy | 75010 Paris

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