fbpx Samarité International competition for artists 2022 – II edition — PCA

Samarité International Competition for Artists 2022 - II Edition


Join Samarité’s competition for artists! There are two grand prizes in cash worth $1000 & three second prizes worth $230 each.

To join you have to design artworks related to two themes; the secret power of the sun and the magic world of fairies and elves.

About Samarité:

Samarité is a unique, international concept of face and body skin care. It arose in strictest confidence due to top specialists from the cosmetic field. They’ve created intelligent, natural formulas, which are based on the most powerful ingredients ever existing in nature. The secret power of Samarité lies in the ancient formulas that have been passed down from generation to generation and adapted to the requirements of the modern world. They contain not only the most powerfully active natural ingredients, but also biotechnologically advanced substances of the 21st century.

Samarité is also a distinctive design, giving a sense of a specific image of the brand – on the one hand full of magic and secrets, and on the other hand, fulfilled promises. Therefore, the brand encourages artists from all over the world to interpret the mysterious world of Samarité by taking part in the contest.

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