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Semester abroad: blog post #5


I will be honest this was one of the best days of my life!  I was extremely happy, and with people I love and connect with.

In the morning my Finnish Roommate and I decided to make a vegan brunch for all our friends who live in the building, we made so many pancakes, cut up fruit, salad, mimosas. 15-20 people came over, and we talked until the flea market nearby opened.  We all walked/biked their together. We realized we needed to pay so we left and decided to get vegan ice cream at this place called Nicecream, which I heavily recommend, it is very good!  We ate our ice-creams in the sun, it was one of the warmest and sunniest days I have seen since I have been here.  Some of us were even in T-shirts walking around the parks. So we walked through the black square, where they have a black octopus, and black top, and white lines going through it like a race track all the way to red square again. Also, just a quick note that the parks here are very creative, and fun to play in even as a young adult! We ended up not going to the flea market, but we enjoyed each other’s company, and enjoyed the sun and getting to know each other in such a happy way.

Before I go on with this story I have to explain the goals that my apartment has.  We call our apartment the JJJ apartment, since we all have names that start with J. So our common goals/ individual goals

JJJ (Spain, Finland, California) Common Goals

  • Make a hygge apartment
  • Clean apartment
  • Have people over
  • Share food with each other

JJ (Spain and California) Goals

  • Getting a couch
  • Trading for a smaller table
  • Making the apartment as home as possible

J (Spain) Goals

  • Get a TV (to watch football / soccer)
  • Get a cat for the apartment

J (Finland) Goals

  • Don’t let Juliette bring things from the street into the apartment ;)

J (California) Goals

  • Make the apartment as homey as possible and as artistic as possible

So my Roommate from Spain plays soccer / football here in Copenhagen, and he plays really well.  He plays so well in fact that he got into the local newspaper. He tells me that his teammates really try to help him out in whatever way they can. He told them about getting a TV to watch football / soccer. I remember eating dinner at our table with some friends, and I see my roommate come into the apartment with a TV in his hands telling me he had gotten it for free from one of his teammates. So one of his goals is complete now.

So… to continue with the story, we came home together and decided to have a movie night with pizza for dinner. So I invited 7-8 people to come over and have pizza while we watch How to Train Your Dragon movie, we ate so well, and at the end of the night we were saying such sweet words to each other that some of us had tears in our eyes, about how lucky we were to be together and feel so happy and connected with each other.

This was such highlight of my trip here in Copenhagen.