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Semester abroad: blog post #3

Click on the video to see my new apartment!

Hey! Let me tell you about my new dorm / apartment that I am living in (and which you can see in the video above!). I live a bit north of one of the neighborhoods of Copenhagen called Nørrebro. I live in student housing, with many students from my school. I currently live with two people, a woman from Finland, and a man from Spain. We get along really well, and laugh a lot together, especially with language misunderstandings. We all have our own rooms with a bed, closet / dresser, and a desk. We share a kitchen, and bathroom together. My Spanish roommate was here for one semester beforehand and had lights from his previous roommates. We have created a “hygge” space with candles and lights. It is starting to feel at home for us and for everyone who comes and visits.

I never got to experience the dorm life/ student housing life, but I think this experience has really helped me realize how extroverted I am. Every night I do something with people – we cook dinner together, watch a movie, play games, go to Friday Bar (which I will explain soon), trivia night, or just chill. I have not had a single night alone, which has been really good for me, it makes me happy to be around people and connect with many people from around the globe.

The first night that we moved into our apartments I decided to make dinner and have people over to chill. I made Chana Masala (vegan), and people came over with music, drinks, food, chairs… we don’t have much space, but we managed to fit 20-25 people in our apartment. We ended up staying up until 3 in the morning talking, and drinking wine. My roommates and I decided we needed to do something again soon, brunch, as my Finnish roommate calls herself the Brunch Queen. So until next time at brunch.