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Art Prompts for Home Inspired by Summer Courses

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Paris this summer, but in the meantime, we have come up with some prompts to get your creative juices flowing at home! Each prompt is a short artistic project inspired by one of our summer courses. Feel free to take it farther if you’d like, and adapt to suit the materials available to you.

And make sure to share the work you create with [email protected] or on Instagram with the hashtag #PCAVirtualCampus and #SummerInParis for a chance to be featured!


Painting en Plein Air

If you have an outdoor space such as a balcony or patio, bring your painting materials outside just before sunset. If not, open your window and get as close to being ‘’en plein air” as possible. Paint the scene in front of you as the sun sets.

If you don’t have paint, try drawing first and then using improvised pigments (spices and makeup work!) to create DIY watercolors.


Drawing from Architecture & Interior Design

Draw the building across the street from you as you see it framed by your own window.

Make a series of drawings of windows–yours or those you can see. Focus on the details.

Kaamna Interlude Images

Paris through the Photobook

Write 5 lines about yourself and create an autobiographical collage to illustrate it using materials found in newspapers and magazines around the house.


Creative Fashion Process

Look for fashion inspiration in your home from anything that is not already wearable – different patterns, textures, colors, etc. Create a mood board for a quarantine-inspired collection.


Figure & Flâneur: Paris by Comic Strip

Choose a person in your household (it may be yourself). Take some notes and quick sketches on a “day in the life” of this person, and then create a 6-frame comic strip illustrating it. If you’re feeling motivated, make 1 frame each day to create a longer “quarantine diary” collection.

If you live in a city with apartment buildings, you can probably see your neighbors at their windows or balconies. Choose one to observe and imagine their life. Create a 6-frame comic strip of their day so far, using the image of them at their window as the third frame.


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