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The 4th Edition of About *Design* 2022 at Paris College of Art

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The 4th edition of About *Design* was held on Thursday and Friday, March 17th and 18th. The program for this edition included three talks, a workshop, an exhibition and two material presentations. The events cover all of PCA’s design programs: Design for Social Impact, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Communication Design.

Professionals from around the world, including some of our PCA alumni offered workshops, training, insights and advice to students, attendees and participants. The talks and presentations were open to everyone on campus and some events were available virtually as well. To close the event, PCA design programs held an exhibition, Material Research. The design programs team provided an exciting return to grand, live, and in-person events that we’ve all been missing for a long time. The fifth edition of About *Design* will certainly offer even more excitement and knowledge next year, and we’re already looking forward to it.