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The Harddiskmuseum is Exceptionally Online!


Harddiskmuseum aims to meditate on the idea of transforming a museum into a real work of art, an interactive system and collective work, where each participant and actor belonging to the mentioned art structure performs around an artistic proposal, because the hard disk does not understand about contents, it only makes available its memory to may be filled up with good or bad ideas.

When we mention the word museum our mind will automatically connect it to architecture. An architecture that within the social and cultural context, it has survived the complicated economic possibilities, but it has also faced the challenging cultural and structural possibilities of our times.  With the high tech bubble and the example of great art centers as keystones of the cities culture where they were built, brick became synonymous with culture. But the concept of art, culture and its significance may find shelter in other environments. It represents an intangible asset that stands and grows within the collective imagination, which might, or might not find shelter in a three-dimensional space.

Nowadays, this digital world is transferred into a society where the word, expression and all the channels of information are expanded via social networks, blogs, videos, as well through an endless online offer. Art itself is a living image of the society in which it is implemented; being precisely this art the answer to what happens within each particular context.

For the times we are living, complicated and confused, new drawings are coming up on the scenery of culture, the economy associated with the same and of course the artist`s work, commissioners and curators within this wide framework. Everything is being redrawn and virtuality is making way with no expected ending, which we undoubtedly have to understand, enjoy and organise.

The museum seen as an art center, cultural space, or gallery is completely connected to the idea of a three-dimensional space offering an artistic and informative content of interest. But, does a hard disk itself may not be considered architecture? Isn`t the memory and the artists work being represented on hanging walls, either projected or installed? Are there no files in a museum? Does not the artist fingerprint remain printed on those walls?

A museum can answer to all these questions, however in its broadest concept, etymologically right; a hard disk can also do it. A hard disk enables the information to be organised into folders, allows this information to be revealed and increased across peripheral devices and above all else, a hard disk is a universe.

Harddiskmuseum, does not intend to diverge into a series of alternative proposals, moreover, it tries to join urban art, netart and other fundaments to talk about this art structure and the society, and tries to draw a confused line between the figure of the artist, of the museum, of the culture budgets, of a knowledge-based society, of the memory, of the art star system and why not, to combine new exhibition models, co-operative, creative and generators of ideas and reflection.

Infoaddictives, today, we are prepared to bear upon our shoulders with one particular concern, information. Images as memory assistants, video records as personal experience and the hard disk as container file and why not, in addition to all above said, of art.

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