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The Photography Department participates at the 2020 World Philosophy Day

2020 World Philosophy Day

As part of “Beyond the Frame: Image in Action” exhibition held at Mémoire de l’Avenir last month, L’AiR Arts and its resident artists were invited by “Humanities, Arts and Society” to take part in the UNESCO World Philosophy Day, by engaging in a discussion on the role and the responsibilities of an image within today’s global society.

The mission of the “Humanities, Arts and Society” Project is to demonstrate the impact of the arts on society, promote global understanding and collaboration and establish a worldwide movement of artists.

On the occasion of World Philosophy Day 2020, they proposed to discuss the role of images, their power of action as well as the responsibilities of the artists within today’s global society.

Klaus Fruchtnis, Chair of Photography, and Chris Lee, a British photographer and filmmaker who is also an MA student in Photography and Image-making, were part of the discussion about the diversity of the intellectual currents in the world, and how philosophy stimulates intercultural dialogue whilst addressing major challenges of our time and transforming societies.

Chris Lee’s Faux Paris project juxtaposes urban and natural scenes of Paris.
The series is drawn from an urge to create empathy between the environment, people, and the impact of urbanism.

You can explore “Beyond the Frame” exhibition and watch the discussion here.

You can also discover the artists’ projects on the Mémoire de l’Avenir’s website and view some of Chris Lee’s work just below.


Chris Lee's Faux Paris project

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