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We Caught Up With Class of '17 Kalina Lukanova


With the opening of her video installation in Paris around the corner, we caught up with class of ’17 MA Transdisciplinary New Media (MTNM) alumna Kalina Lukanova.

Where are you based now? 
Lisbon, Portugal.

In a few sentences, tell us about your new project and what inspired you to start it? 
I’m working on two video projects. I will be hosting a vernissage for one of them next week alongside Leah Oros another MTNM graduate. Both projects are a continuation of my final project for the thesis, which you can check out here.

What has been some of the challenges you’ve faced?
Coping with my transdisciplinary background and by that, I mean the combination of a business degree and an arts degree. But I think it’s a good challenge to have.

Have you collaborated with other PCA alumni or current students on this project?
Apart from this project with Leah Oros, I’m currently working on another short film project, in which I collaborate with the almighty Chase McCurdy (MA Fashion Film and Photography Class of ‘17.)

What’s a normal work day for your like?
Right now I’m freelancing and focusing on my own creative projects. So there is no normal working day. Each day writes its own story.

What’s next in your professional life?
I’d like to continue to work on my own projects. I’m also looking for jobs in the creative brands & communications industry right now.

What advice would you give to students thinking of starting their own businesses or projects?
Just do it and make sure your choice was driven by a decent amount of craziness and passion because you need them to make it to the finish line.

Instagram: @kalinalukanova

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