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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Study Abroad in Paris

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Thinking of studying abroad in Paris? Don’t. Here’s why:

Food in Paris is atrocious. Really

From croissants and macaroons to farmers markets and baguettes, food in France is overrated.  Sitting in a brasserie on a sunny morning, watching the world go by while Parisians walk their dogs down the boulevard; being served a still hot croissant with a steaming cup of coffee; hearing the dulcet tones of French chatter whilst filling in your sketchpad… is an awful situation to find yourself in. Honestly, stay at home. Save your taste buds the ordeal.

Paris is uninspiring

Granted, French philosophers, writers and artists such as De Beauvoir, Voltaire, Chanel and Monet spent ample time in Paris, but do we really need to retrace their footsteps? Would you be inspired by walking the streets Monet walked, drinking the wine Voltaire drank or writing in the cafés Hemingway mused in? Whether you’re an aspiring artist, author or general thinker there’s nothing more you can draw from ambling Paris’ cobblestoned streets. Do yourself a favour and be inspired elsewhere.

Learning to speak French isn’t intellectually stimulating

75% of Anglophones cannot speak a second language. Why? Because learning a second language is too easy. Why invest your time and effort into something easily acquirable when you could be working towards becoming world champion in extreme ironing (it’s an actual sport!) Also, speaking French means that you can communicate with 220 million people across the globe. The ability to speak with this many people is frankly tiring; better bring your attention back to that series on Netflix. Parce que c’est ça la vie!

Picnicking along the river Seine whilst sampling a Bordeaux with your new friend from Denmark is not Instagram worthy.

Paris is tedious, there’s nothing to do, and it’s definitely not a selfie worthy city. The Notre Dame is cold; Parisians found the Eiffel tower ugly when they first saw it, heaven only knows why popular opinion changed; Le Marais is full of unattractive small coffee shops and restaurants and museums are free for under 25 year olds. Obviously Monet and da Vinci’s work simply isn’t good enough to pay to see.

Parisians are unattractive. No one has ever fallen in love in France

The title says it all really. From the romance that clings to this latin derived race to the so-called “sexy” French accent, Paris has been the capital of romance for far too long!  We’ve all heard this story: two strangers sitting in a cosy café; the smell of boeuf bourguignon wafting from the kitchen whilst rain patters on the cobblestones outside. Their eyes meet feetingly as one musters the courage to break the silence. Cue the start of a thoroughly unromantic encouter.

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