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Abroad in Baltimore #24


Spring Break !

Can you believe we’re already at Spring break? The semester is more than halfway gone and only a month or so stands between us and sweet sweet summer vacation. On my first day of spring break I woke up, looked out my window, and saw nothing but snow. Can you believe that? My first day of spring break was spent snowed in and keeping warm by the fire.

But before the blizzard, I kicked off my spring break right with Emma and we went to the Parkway Theater in Baltimore and saw The Batman! The Parkway is by far one of the coolest theaters I’ve been to as it was formerly an Opera theater and has been subtly restored as a public movie theater. Emma and I both gave The Batman a solid B. It may be 3 hours long, but I enjoyed the experience and it’s definitely worth seeing it on the big screen. We got pizza after and had a blast catching up.

Spring break is an opportunity to rest, relax, and catch up on all those books you’ve been meaning to read (I personally have Sally Rooney’s Conversations With Friends on my nightstand). It’s also our first reminder of what freedom feels like and a last break before finals. While nearly all of my professors have been more than merciful with their homework assignments, one even making the class promise to not touch our homework until after break, I am hoping to try and get a jump on things as early as possible.

Character Design continues to be the class I both love and dread, as while it’s by far the most rewarding, it’s also the most work. I’m so glad I dropped a class before the semester started as the 5 I’m juggling now push me just enough without tipping me over. I think every semester should push you a bit further. Too much, and you’ll snap, but too little and you won’t grow at all.

The only danger with Spring Break comes upon return as the challenge is then to not get tunnel vision and forget that we’ve still got half a semester left! I love summer break as much as the next person, but we still have to make it there. In the meantime, I’m letting myself get more and more excited to return to Paris. Apartment hunting has been at the forefront of my mind, but all the paperwork and bureaucracy I’ll have to wade through is looming large.

As it stands we’re hurtling towards summer break and I’m some mixture of excitement and anxious for what comes after. While most of my friends here at MICA are juniors like myself, my exchange friend Emma will be graduating this spring! I can barely wrap my head around this school year ending let alone my college career coming to a close, but luckily we still have a bit to go before either finish line. I’ve had a blast here at MICA and am doing my best to enjoy every week.

Make the most of the break!

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