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2024 End-of-Year Musical: Scratch That!

Scratch That!, poster designed by Daifa Khaleel

Students from the Modern Musical class will present Scratch That!, an original PCA performance, directed by Emma Vissicchio and produced by Drew Eisenhauer.

Step right up! Get ready for a wild ride of laughs and chills in the PCA original musical “Scratch That!” When a bunch of pals seek a fortune teller to chat with their prom-night goat friend, it tends to be a recipe for disaster. With a mystic who’s more lost than a sock in a dryer and a love triangle messier than a tangled slinky, this show’s a riot! Don’t miss the hilarity and heart as they fumble through fate, friendship, and the occasional seance mishap!

Story and Lyrics by the class of the Modern Musical:
Ofir Avita, Jane Baronak, Vivian Galván, Hannah Geisler, Lichin Huang, Keiran Ke, Daifa Khaleel, Maria Trajtenberg

Set Design and Production
Ryan Stafford, Daifa Khaleel, Geraldine Fourmon

ioi Choi

Music and Additional Lyrics
Jonathan Regier

Don’t miss out, there will only be two performances!

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

  • Scratch That! Musical | 18:30 Auditorium
  • Scratch That! Musical |  20:00 Auditorium

Paris College of Art | 15 rue Fénélon 75010 Paris | M° Poissonnière, Gare du Nord