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Essentials for Visiting Students

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MTNM Class of '17 Leah Oros & Lu de Lopez from ESAT

The process of deciding what items to bring when packing for a semester or year abroad can be stressful, especially for students who might not have traveled far from their homes for such a long duration before. To help out prospective students, we asked some of our visiting students what items they brought with them and what they would advise other students to bring.

Samarah Fenelus
Fashion Design

5 essentials:
Empty notebook/sketchbook, oversized sweater, folder with two copies of important documents, crystals, art supplies

To avoid buying material you might already have at home, try to bring supplies that you know you will be using often. Apart from the essentials, sentimental objects are of equal value. I brought a few of my crystals and my decorative crystal tree. Over time, I have found myself carrying them around more often. They remind me of home and have been known to balance energies and reduce stress. It helps that they are reasonably sized. It goes without saying that in the long run, packing with a minimalist mindset is difficult, but beneficial.

Akeem Salmon

5 essentials:
1. My violin, 2. My Fashion, 3. Camera, 4. Computer, 5. Identity

The things I brought with me are items that I can never do without. They are the things that constantly influence my visual art, as well as provide me a constant resource to my workflow.

Kyra Tapp
Interior Design

5 essentials :  Hello! My name is Kyra and I am an Industrial Design student from Canada who decided to study Interior Design abroad at Paris College of Art. Although I put a lot of thought into packing for my trip to Paris, there is one key thing I wish I had brought: my steel cutting ruler and x-acto knife, invaluable tools to any industrial, product, interior or architectural designer. Fortunately, I did have the forethought to bring power converters for my electronic devices. If you have a laptop with usb ports, I would recommend purchasing a safe converter for your laptop and plugging your other electronics into your computer. Additionally, I suggest packing an extra battery for your camera, especially if you’re planning on taking day trips or weekend trips out of Paris. Camera batteries are typically small and not too heavy, and are also a valuable addition to your luggage. Furthermore, if you’re a make-up wearer like myself, I recommend doing a little research about which brands you use are sold in France and stocking up on your favourite products. This is because I quickly discovered upon my arrival that my favourite eyeliner is not sold in France! Last but not least, I highly advocate for packing a journal for personal writing – whether it’s to recount your exciting adventures or simply to safely express your emotions. Either way, journalling can do wonders for your mental health, which is exceptionally important to maintain while studying abroad.

There you have it! Travel light but smart. Check out our PCA pre-arrival tips, as well as the Paris-Pas-Cher articles!

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