fbpx Filipa Cruz will be representing PCA at SDB’s International Awards & Conference 2021, LIAC 2021 — PCA

Filipa Cruz will be representing PCA at SDB’s International Awards & Conference 2021, LIAC 2021

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PCA's Transdisciplinary New Media program to shine at the SDB’s International Awards & Conference on October 20 at 13:30 - 14:00 CET

Filipa Cruz will discuss ideas and realisations such as the awareness “of the transformation fostered by technology, 21st century education has become more and more attentive to the potentialities offered by the digital environment. That is the case of an Art and Design institution such as PCA. PCA and more specifically, the Master in Transdisciplinary New Media explores technological and educational innovation in close relationship with the artistic context and transdisciplinary practices. Therefore, there’s a constant attention and need to review how to embrace these challenges and opportunities brought by our epoch. Alongside artificial intelligence, augmented reality or virtual reality, this attention to low-tech/high-tech makes sense if we take as an example the way in which Transdisciplinary New Media stimulates reflection from concepts of obsolescence, disuse, and low-tech. These notions establish dialogue and invite other ways of thinking and doing that decontextualize and recontextualize objects, tools, images for another reality. As a result of the participation, the possibility arose for the technologies to be able to interfere in the most varied areas of knowledge, in particular in the reality of the practice of Art and Design. In this sense, the London Business School expressed its desire to be able to collaborate in this process of combining the teaching of New Media with the help of Digital Marketing. Finally, to summarize one could think: How to think about artistic careers and design where technology can act as a creative agent and as a facilitator of visibility and construction of projects? The presentation will be accompanied by images of works developed in the context of Transdisciplinary New Media in order to visualize the dilemmas, challenges and results achieved in the answers given by this area of knowledge and, mainly, by the curriculum offered by the PCA/MTNM.”  -Filipa Cruz.
Cruz teaches in the Master’s in Transdisciplinary New Media program at PCA.