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PCA Design Management Chair Yasmine Abbas to Participate in D'Days '16


Internet-connected objects, co-housing, extreme mobility… the digital revolution, and the new behaviours it has created, have deeply transformed our living environment.

Architects and designers take these transformations into account to further shape new ways of living, whether it be at home, with family, or at work… What are the fundamental trends underlying the evolution of our environment?

These questions will be discussed in the Masterclass, led by PCA Design Management Chair Yasmine Abbas during the International Design Forum Think Life, a series of conferences that will take place from May 31st – June 4th, bringing together designers, architects, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world in order to exchange ideas and debate.

The Think Life Forum is a prospective meeting platform at the heart of the D’Days Festival. It is divided into two distinct spaces “Think” and “Share & Learn”. The two areas are organized with the same goal in mind: to give everyone the possibility to decipher and understand the major evolutions of today and tomorrow.

Habiter Demain: Living Tomorrow
June 1st | 14:00-18:00

To learn more go to www.think-life.com.

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