PCA Interior Design Faculty Laurent Masmonteil Just Completed Designs "Pergola House" in Corsica


Laurent Masmonteil, who teaches in the PCA Interior Design program, recently completed the designs for Pergola House in Corsica.

Designed for a single family and composed of a main house of approximately 130 square meters and a guest house of 65 square meters, Pergola House is set into the typical Corsican maquis (a dense scrub vegetation consisting of hardy evergreen shrubs and small trees), and looks down towards a deep turquoise sea. The entire design is dictated by the wish to enjoy light and sun as much as possible while at the same time hiding from it. Planes of pergolas overlapping each other help to provide different degrees of shade and intimacy. The house is intended to be entirely of timber construction.

In the BFA in Interior Design, Laurent teaches Project Fundamentals I and II in which students learn the cultural and technical tools needed to understand inhabited spaces, and in the Summer Program he teaches the two-week intensive course Drawing from Architecture and Interior Design.