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PCA Photography Lunch Talks: Phil Toledano


Phil Toledano, photographer, painter and sculptor, will speak at PCA’s Photography Lunch Talk on November 12th.

Phil Toledano will talk about his Maybe series in which he envisions how he is going to live out his old age and eventually die.

The future became a shadowed landscape, filled with uncertain paths and ruinous storms. I wondered – what other sudden, dark turns lay ahead? Rather than wait helplessly for my future, I decided to confront my fears. I would try and anticipate my fate. Guess at the abrupt and unforeseen directions my life might take. I would see myself as an old man. I would envision failure and loneliness. I would be invisible, unable to walk. Obese. I would suffer a stroke. I would lose myself. I would slip sideways, into the irrelevant. I would see my own death.

Visit Phil Toledano’s website www.mrtoledano.com.

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PCA Photography Lunch Talk: Phil Toledano
Thursday, November 12, 2015 | 13:00 – 14:00
Room -101

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