fbpx Students Join the International MakeSense Community at an Annual SenseCamp — PCA

PCA Students at SenseCamp


SenseCamp is a (un)conference for social entrepreneurship and innovation, full of inspiring speakers, great workshops, wonderful people, delicious food and drinks. It’s the perfect place to discover and exchange new ideas, actionable insights and success stories with like-minded people and changemakers.

Launched originally in 2012 in Berlin, SenseCamp has spread around the world, from São Paulo to Singapore, and has featured speakers such as Professor Muhammad Yunus, Professor Guenter Faltin, Liam Black, Charles Eisenstein, Rodrigo Baggio, and many distinguished professionals.

Every year, the students in the MA in Design for Social Impact participate in SenseCamp. This year SenseCamp was held in Lisbon and one of our students documented the trip in this short video.

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