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Urbanautica Master Class and Portfolio Review


Urbanautica organizes a special Master Class Session and Portfolio Review hosted by PCA.

PCA students and Photography Professionals are invited to join Urbanautica’s Masterclass program during ParisPhoto. This is a unique chance to dialogue on the evolution of photography with first-class critics, art directors, photographers, editors and teachers. As well, you will have the opportunity to have your work reviewed with the possibility of being selected for a special exhibition in Paris in 2016.

Urbanautica Master Class and Portfolio Review
OPEN TO students and professionals
FEE 50€ (25€ for students)
PARTICIPANTS Limited to 25
DATE Saturday, November 12-14, 2015
TIME 1:30pm – 5:30pm (TBC)

Calendar and Schedule

Thursday, 12 November

10h00-11h20 Steve Bisson(Curator and Founding editor of Urbanautica) and Klaus Fruchtnis (Curator & Chair of Photography at PCA)

11h20-11h40 Break

11h40-13h00 Susan Bright (Curator and PCA Facultysusanbright.net

Friday, 13th November

10h00-11h20 Guillaume Pallat (Photographer and PCA Facultyc.o.n.c.a.v.free.fr/gpallat/

11h20-11h40 Break

11h40-13h00 Michael Daks (Photographer and PCA Facultywww.michaeldaks.com/

Saturday, 14th November

10h00-11h20 Nicolas Havette (Director Gallery Le Magasin de Jouets, Arleslemagasindejouets.fr

11h20-11h40 Break

11h40-13h00 / Roundtable Gianluca Gamberini (Photographer and Art director L’Artiere Publishing)

L’Artiere Edizioni, Urbanautica Collections by Steve Bisson (Curator and Founding editor of Urbanautica) www.lartiere.com/en/categoria-prodotto/urbanautica-en/

13h30-17h30 Portfolio reviews

*Complete schedule to be announced.

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