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Film Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts
in Film Art

A global joint degree offered by Emerson College & PCA

For centuries, the world’s greatest thinkers and artists have come to Paris to learn, create, and find inspiration.

This program gives you the chance to do the same.

Through a groundbreaking partnership with Emerson College, students may now apply to the new, joint global BFA in Film Art. In this one-of-a-kind program, you’ll get to create everything from experimental films and videos to gallery installations, web series, and public art — in short, you’ll be making the film and media art that shapes and defines our multicultural world. The program’s global learning environment will help you expand your intercultural competence, grow your communication abilities, cause you to challenge your own assumptions and frames of reference, and grant you a new perspective — in life, in learning, and maybe through your camera lens. As renowned French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard said: “I know nothing of life except through the cinema.”

Two Great Schools

The global BFA program in Film Art draws on the expertise and reputations of both Paris College of Art and Emerson College and spans locations in Paris, Boston, and the Netherlands. Students will benefit from the highest international standard of film and art education within an American academic framework.

Three Amazing Locations

In this BFA program, you will:

  • Spend each academic year in the heart of Paris and spend your summer residencies alternating between Boston and the Netherlands
  • Create film and media art, including short experimental films and videos, gallery installations, web series, and public media art
  • Analyze and challenge your own assumptions and frame of reference while learning to see yourself as a citizen of a global, interconnected world

A Unique Film Curriculum

Combine digital filmmaking with traditional studio art practices while also engaging in media, cultural, historical, and critical studies. Broaden your understanding of contemporary art discourses and techniques, while you create compelling film art that shapes our world. Collaborate with peers from around the globe and expand your intercultural fluency and communication skills.



Harald Hutter

Harald Hutter

Chair of Film Art at PCA

Daniel Gaucher

Professor & Director Global BFA in Film Arts at Emerson College

Dulcia Mejers

Executive Director of Emerson College's European Center at Kasteel Well campus in the Netherlands

Rob Duckers

Assistant Director for Administration and Management at Emerson’s Kasteel Well campus in the Netherlands

Maria Agui Carter

Assistant Professor at Emerson College (on leave)

Rocco Caruso

Adjunct Faculty at PCA

Mihai-Dan Cîrjan

Adjunct Faculty at PCA

Jivko Darakchiev

Adjunct Faculty at PCA

Peter Flynn

Senior Scholar-in-Residence at Emerson College

Julie Gourdain

Adjunct Faculty at PCA

Ibro Hasanović

Adjunct Faculty at PCA

Ioana Juncan

Assistant Professor at Emerson College (on leave)
Collin Kluchman

Collin Kluchman

Adjunct Faculty at PCA

Jessica Macor

Film Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty at PCA

Barry Marshall

Adjunct Faculty at Emerson College

Lucas Jaremczuk Pandolfo

Adjunct Faculty at PCA

David Pickering

Adjunct Faculty at PCA

Raphaël Rivière

Adjunct Faculty at PCA

Allyson Sherlock

Assistant Professor at Emerson College

Ombeline Tamboise

Adjunct Faculty at PCA